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Examples of our work

We love all boats and want to get them back on the water looking at their  best, from a little ding to a full rebuild of your favourite boat we will get your boat back out as quickly as we can.

Project no.1  

What hole? 

We can correct any mistakes you have made and return your boat back to racing standard with minimal weight gain. 

Empacher repair .jpg
Empacher repair .jpg

Project no.2
Popped your Pacher 

We all know the accidentally rigger bang and it always happens at the wrong time, we can have you back on the water the next day. 

Project no.3
Phoenix from the flames 

Full restoration/refurb project - we strip back all the paint to reveal all the possible issues with hull, canvasses and decks along with checking the shoulders are still capable of the rigours of rowing life. 

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 17.31.26.png

Project no.4 
Tired and dead to brand new and red!

We can bring your boat back to life, stripping back the back and rebuilding to extend your boats life by another 10 years 

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